About Us

Alpha Coding’s mission is to inspire young generations to become creative thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers in the global and innovation-based economy, all through the power of information technology, open source computer coding and teaching community worldwide. 

We adapt and build on computer science curriculum developed by Google computer science experts and experienced teachers. This curriculum has been used worldwide by over 1 million students and teachers in creating fun projects. We also utilize various curriculum available in open coding education community developed by experienced teachers and supported by large corporations such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, among others.

Curiosity, imagination, and exploratory learning

Our core teaching values are curiosity, imagination, and exploratory learning. Fundamentally, we recognize that coding is a creative journey that will spark creativity and imagination. Another aspect of our curriculum is that we encourage exploratory learning which is an element of Montessori’s method of education through active exploration learning. Some of the advantages of our approach are the flexibility and desire to help kids in learning the principles of computer science and technology without feeling rushed. Kids learn at their own pace and Alpha Coding is ready to provide continuous guide and feedback.