About Us

 With the constant goal of improving the student experience; ILAC Education Group has introduced an industry leading program: The Canada Employment Forum. The initiative is a multi-faceted department built on four key pillars of the students’ experience arc within our programs.

1) Pre-arrival preparation – A series of online workshops designed and delivered to give ILAC students a strong and focused perspective on integration into the Canadian workforce. We feel the more the student knows beforehand, the more comfortably they enter the workforce.

2) Seamless transition to working – We strongly encourage ILAC students to begin pursuing part time work opportunities shortly after their arrival in Canada. The Forum offers a well curated job board that is constantly maintained and refreshed with new opportunities.

3) Co-op and program alignment through strategic commercial partnerships – The Forum team spends countless hours developing and nurturing strategic, beneficial relationships with all sectors of industries in Canada to bring exceptional opportunities to ILAC Students. With the guidance of the Co-op Advisors team, we create a smooth work pathway for students.

4) Graduation and career-based jobs – Upon completion of any ILAC program, The Forum is here to help students look for full–time opportunities. Through networking and career fair events, guest speakers, and special workforce presentations, the forum aims to expose students to a myriad of choices.

The Canada Employment Forum is the first department of its kind in higher education in the country, and it reflects ILAC’s mission to create a supportive, all-encompassing educational and working experience for all its current and future students.